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Platypus - Pink
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Flying Jumper

Detailed Information on the

Flying Jumper


Jump up to 6 feet in the air!

Jumping height depends on the users ability to master the Flying Jumper and on the users weight.
The Flying Jumper  stilts gives *all* users the ability to jump to great heights.

Lighter users will be able to jump higher before they max the spring out.
Lighter users will also have a harder time getting the jumping motion going, as the spring will be stiffer under them.

Heavier users may not be able to achieve 6 feet heights.
Heavier users however, will be able to learn to jump more easily as the springs won't be a stiff under their feet.

For maximum jumping performance, choose the correct model for your weight.


Take running strides of up to 9 feet!

It is impossible to stop on a dime when running with the Flying Jumper Stilts!


Flips are not advised for the average person. A good rule of thumb would be that if you can't do a flip
without the Flying Jumpers on, do not attempt one with them on!
It will only be *more* dangerous with a pair of spring stilts strapped to your feet!!!

If you are a professional, flips can be done on the Flying Jumper.

How You Wear Them:

The Flying Jumper Stilts are worn on your feet. One Flying Jumper for each foot.

Each foot rests on a foot pad. A lock and release strap system(similar to a SnowBoard Binding)
of two straps holds your shoe tightly against the foot pad. This system is very similar to a ski boot.

A bar comes up the back of your leg, and goes around the front of your leg right below your knee.
When using them, your leg rests snug against this (padded) bar, which is what gives the stability.
A small strap is attached behind your leg at this bar, which does a bit to keep the bar against your leg.

Always wear protective gear when using a pair of Flying Jumpers!!!

Learning to Walk:

Walking can be learned quite easily if you have something tall to walk beside that you can hang on to.
Walk the length of your support until you are better acquainted with the balance.
When you feel ready, let go of your support and keep walking.
Don't leave your support, because you will undoubtedly loose your balance a couple times and need it!
At this point it may be helpful to have a person walk along beside you
that is willing to lend you a hand for balance if you suddenly feel unsteady.

Some people can just stand up and walk without ever having tried Flying Jumpers before,
others have to practice for a while. Usually walking somewhat comfortably without support can be achieved within 15-30 minutes,
depending on the person and their athletic and balancing abilities.

Note: It is not possible to stand without support with the Flying Jumpers on!

Learning to Jump:

Jumping can be learned the same way walking is learned.
Find a support tall enough for you to comfortably lean against with the Flying Jumpers on.
Then start jumping! Keep the momentum going, don't stop.
When you feel comfortable, try some bigger jumps.
Don't let go of your support until you think you are ready!

When you're ready to try jumping on your own, it is best to be near your support in case you loose your balance.

Jumping to greater heights can be achieved by lifting your feet higher than they naturally would go with each jump.
When you hit the ground, put all of your energy into a *bigger* jump for the next one!

Jumping needs to be mastered slowly. Don't try to jump higher than you are comfortable with,
or it could easily knock you off your balance.

Learning to Run:

Learn to run *after* you are comfortable walking by yourself.
Keep in mind you will not be able to stop quickly, so stay away from other moving,
unpredictable objects like children playing or moving cars!!!

When you are ready to try running, start off with a brisk walk.
Then start putting a little "hop" into each stride. Before you know it
you will be running! Bigger "hops" with each stride result in longer strides.

To stop running, take it slow and easy. Gradually slow down to a walk,
and then stop when you are to a place you can hang on to something.
(remember, you can't stand still without support on the Flying Jumper)

Where to use:

Flying Jumper Stilts are best used on a hard flat surface. All of your weight will be supported on two rubber pads
much smaller than the size of your feet, so if you are anywhere soft these rubber pads will sink!

Stay away from roads and cars, slopes, stairs, and the indoors with the Flying Jumpers.


Safety is important to all of us. Flying Jumpers need to be mastered at *your pace*.
Don't speed things up or there might be falls.
Don't try anything new until you feel comfortable with what you were working on before.

When on the Flying Jumpers, the user is about 2 feet of the ground.
Obviously if someone fell while wearing these the fall would be worse than if that person were on the ground. *Always* be careful.

Just like any other sporting activity, it can be dangerous.
The more careful one is, the less dangerous the sport becomes.
The more reckless one is, the more dangerous the sport becomes.
The key is to learn to use the Flying Jumpers slowly, at your own pace.

Superdairyboy can not be responsible for any accidents happening when one is using the Flying Jumpers.

Kids Models:

All of the information above applies to the kids models of the Flying Jumper as well,
EXCEPT that the child's pair only allows the user to jump up to 3 1/2 feet in the air. Running strides will be less as well.

The kid's pairs have straps right below the knee instead of a bar like the adult models have.

What if I Buy a Pair and Don't Like them?

If you buy a pair and don't like them, they can be returned for a full refund if they are in like new condition.


Your pair of Flying Jumper Stilts will be under a manufacturer's warranty for 90 days from the date of purchase.
If anything goes wrong during this time, replacement parts will be free.

After the warranty expires, replacement parts will still be available at a cost.


If you have any other questions please contact us via e-mail or call (1-888-738-6869).

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